Rising authoritarianism has contributed to a context that has made the unprovoked Russian full-scale war against Ukraine possible. Coupled with gradual democratic erosion around the world, an exceptional threat is being posed to the rules-based global order, European security architecture, as well as to peace and stability in contemporary conditions.

Taking the current exercising of realpolitik, the continent needs more political unity, which can be provided by the European Political Community as a unique platform for political dialogue between political leaders of European democracies.

The EPC is a timely development that can give common unity and solidarity on the European continent beyond the EU, including the neighbourhood countries and more consolidation in integration policies for the continuation of the European project with stronger common security, political and social drivers for its future development.

Today, more than ever before, European democracies need to establish a solidarity-based political platform, allowing all European countries and their neighbours to be integrated into maintaining peace and security.

Natalia Stercul — Executive Director of the Foreign Policy Association of the Republic of Moldova