June of High Level and Low Content


Analytica by Hennadiy Maksak, Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

June 2020 was fruitful in events directly related to the Eastern Partnership policy development. On June 11, the EU and Eastern Partnership countries’ foreign ministers had a video conference meeting, and, on June 18, the heads of the states and governments had their meeting in the same format, though they did not dare to call it a summit, both in terms of its form and content […].

June in review

Laura Zghibarta, Foreign Policy Association of Moldova

June is already becoming a symbolic month for Moldovan politics. The country witnessed its first full year since the collapse of Vladimir Plahotniuc’s regime and the withdrawal of the Democratic Party from power. Quite ironically, with no clear and definite resolution to the governance issue in Moldova since then, a complete restructuring of the country’s politics is in the talks yet again. As of now, there are too many political moves and unknown variables to understand a pattern or predict an outcome. It is evident, however, that the government is not handling the health crisis, those in power struggle to remain in power, and the opposition is unable to agree on an alternative.


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