Corneliu Gurin: Authorities must show political will in promoting reforms. Info-Prim Neo. 30.10.2012.


Moldovan authorities are progressing well in applying the action Plan regarding the liberalization of the visa regime with the European Union, yet there are some debts. The authorities must show political will and capacities in promoting reforms, underlines Corneliu Gurin, legal expert at the Association for Participative Democracy ADEPT.

The expert stated, during a new session of the Foreign Policy Association’s Press Club, that the development and adoption of laws is the easiest step that can be taken by a country, because it is a relatively theoretical thing. What follow after, institutional reform, appointing people, and the results they obtain, the effect of reforms și all of these are truly important.

The expert noted that the authorities delayed the naming of chairs for three important institutions, i.e. the National Anti-corruption Center (CNA), Information and Intelligence Service (SIS), and the National Integrity Commission (CNI). In his opinion, the delay in appointing the CNI head blocked the inspection of public employees’ income statements and interests, for over a half a year, which may imply possibilities of abuse and legislative evasion, including passing property to other people.

Regarding the CNA and SIS, the juridical expert stated that the chiefs were appointed through a legal, transparent procedure, only that the process was lengthy, which implies that, for a month, the fight against corruption was blocked or simply feigned. What follows is important, since deputy directors are to be appointed, staff be formed, passing the employees through cleansing; procedures that are to take place very transparently”, noted the expert.

Referring to political will, Corneliu Gurin pointed out that income returns should be really inspected, starting with the holder of the State’s top job. As for reform implementation, many financial and technical investments follow, and this element must be foreseen in the near future. According to the expert, the current State Budget does include sources for increasing the judge salaries, as promised, as well as for the functioning of the CNI, although the latter has been stipulated in the Law for over a year, and no additional sources for implementing the SIS and CNA reforms.

The expert stated that Moldovan authorities must de-politicize and ensure the independence and efficiency of the institutions involved in anti-corruption activity și an absolute priority, and need the common effort of political Parties, including those in opposition, the legislative, executive and the institutions concerned.