Reformation process in Moldova can be faster than now, European official. Info-Prim Neo. 04.02.2013.


The reformation process in Moldova can be faster than now, considers the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova DirkSchuebel. In an interview for Radio Free Europe, the ambassador said he hopes very much that the debates inside the Alliance for European Integration will not hamper the continuation of reforms and their implementation can be even accelerated, Info-PrimNeo reports.

The general problem is surely the combating of corruption and many reforms are connected with it, like the reform of the legal system and the reform of the law enforcement bodies. All the conditions for investors and the economic conditions are interconnected. We consider that all these reforms should be done in parallel, and, if this thing is guaranteed, Im sure that Moldova will be on the right way,” said the official.

According to DirkSchuebel, the leaders of the AEI showed they are able to implement these reforms, but a common approach is needed in order to continue them. Emphasis should be put on the reforms, not on the bilateral disputes. He also said it is regrettable that such a situation happened as after the election of the head of state last March, the attention should be focused on what should be done to improve the peoples living conditions.

As to possible early elections, DirkSchuebelsaid they would not be a solution. This year, which is so important for the Republic of Moldovafrom the viewpoint of its gradual integration into the EU, it is importantto concentrate only on aspects that must be finalized, namely the talks on the Association Agreement and the DCFTA,and the dialogue on the visa regime. Unfortunately, the early elections would deviate from this subject and the politicians would focus only on electoral debates and would try to get as many votes as possible for their own parties, while the reforms would be left aside,” said the ambassador.

He also said that for the moment the Moldovan political class should have as priority the completion of the talks on the two Moldova-EU agreements as soon as possible. Secondly, the first phase of the dialogue on the liberalization of the visa regime should be closed successfully, also as soon as possible. Thirdly, full speed ahead is needed with the internal reforms, the reform of justice and the reform of the law enforcement bodies.