Some ministers of Leanca Government should be kept, opinions. Info Prim Neo.05.12.2014.


Some of the ministers who worked efficiently in the Leanca Government should be offered a post in the future Cabinet too so as to be able to continue the initiated reforms. Such opinions were presented in the program Moldova live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1, IPN reports.

Director of the Foreign Policy Association Victor Chirila said Iurie Leanca should be allowed to keep the post of Premier. The European Union wants a representative government in Chisinau, which would continue the reforms, especially in such areas as justice and corruption fighting. The parties of the future alliance must reach a consensus. I think those who showed efficiency in the Leanca Government must be kept. If all the politicians are like Iurie Leanca and Igor Corman, we can say that a consensus was reached,” he stated.

Editorialist Nicolae Negru is also for preserving some of the ministers with integrity. The Leanca Government includes people who showed particular abilities. I think most of them learned the lesson. It is important that the leaders of the parties that will form the coalition should not make the same mistakes and distribute the portfolios based on political criteria as the coalition will not resist in such a case,” said the journalist.

Lawyer Vitalie Catana also considers that Iurie Leanca is the suitable candidate for the post of Prime Minister. Iurie Leanca achieved notable results during his tenure. But such a decision will be taken by the Liberal Democratic Party, which will have the largest number of seats in the future coalition,” he stated.

The experts also said that the future coalition needs a powerful and constrictive opposition, but the Party of Socialists (PSRM) is not suitable for this role. The PSRM will be a powerful, not yet a constructive opposition. It will be rather destructive. Regrettably, Igor Dodon defends not Moldovas, but Russias interests. The PSRM turned into a fifth column, a kind of branch of the Russian embassy,” stated Victor Chirila.