Session V: Creating news stories on topics of National Agenda Women, Peace and Security, 17 August, 2018


“Recommendations on the correct use of the notions of communication in the process of negotiations of the Transnistrian conflict settlement” presented by Marin BODRUG, the representative of the Bureau of Reintegration.

The trainer came up with a series of recommendations to journalists for their media materials using the correct concepts related to the Transnistrian conflict resolution process, bringing the following examples:

There will be no references to “bilateral relations”, relation between “states”, “Transnistrian state” or “Transnistrian statehood”.

It will also exclude any use of the names of unconstitutional authorities and “official positions” .

Instead, the following formulas are admitted:

  • The left bank of the Nistru river;
  • The localities on the left side of the Nistru river;
  • Eastern districts of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova.

The role of “social media” another important component in implementing the Women’s, Peace and Security Agenda was approached by Vitalie GUȚU, Director, Academy of Media Creation and Innovation.

Who discussed about the “Gold Circle Theory” together with media representatives which answers the following questions: WHY? HOW? WHAT?, contributing to the elaboration of a comprehensive news.

He encouraged the broad use of social media tools, examples: twitter, facebook, youtube, linkedin. In the end, participants put into practice their journalistic skills by creating/writing “social media” messages to promote Women’s, Peace and Security agenda in the Republic of Moldova.