Alla Rosca: Russia’s Strategic Narratives as a Great Power in the War in Ukraine: Exploring the Context of The Black Sea


The War in Ukraine, a protracted and multifaceted conflict, has not only tested the resilience of regional stability, but has also emerged as a crucible for Russia’s ambitions to assert itself as a great power on the world stage. At the core of this geopolitical theater lies the intricate interplay of descriptions intertwined by Russia to justify, explain, and project its actions both domestically and internationally. These strategic narratives are not mere rhetorical tools; they are the linchpin in shaping the understanding and perception that surrounds Russiaʹs role in the ongoing conflict.

The war in Ukraine stands as a watershed moment in contemporary geopolitics, a canvas upon which Russia paints its vision of itself as a formidable global actor. Russiaʹs strategic portrayals, akin to a masterful narrative technique, serve as the brushstrokes that delineate its selfperceived role and objectives. Within this intricate narrative framework, the Black Sea region emerges as an important point, characterized by historical precedents, security concerns, economic imperatives, and a carefully cultivated sense of cultural and historical identity.

Against the backdrop of the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, has become a crucible for Russiaʹs strategic ambitions. The interplay between historical context and contemporary maneuvering is palpable, shaping Russiaʹs narratives to frame its actions. This essay analyzes the complexity of Russiaʹs strategic narratives and examines their impacts within the strategically vital Black Sea area. The region is a geographical crossroads where history, security concerns, and cultural ties intersect, and Russia is seeking to establish itself as a major power.

This article undertakes the task of unraveling the layers of Russiaʹs strategic narratives, analyzing the complex relationship between historical echoes and contemporary geopolitical dynamics. By exploring the various aspects of these stories, we seek to understand the implications and manifestations of Russiaʹs great power aspirations within the context of the Black Sea region.

As the conflict continues to unfold and the Black Sea region remains a focal point of global attention, understanding Russia’s strategic narratives becomes not only an academic pursuit but a crucial key to decoding the evolving geopolitical scenery.