APE Partners

British Embassy in Moldova
Project „Transnistrian Dialogues”

US Embassy in Moldova
Radio Program „Debates and Synthesis on foreign political issues”

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moldova
Project “European Integration thorough Strengthening Institutional Capacities of the Government of Moldova”

Black Sea Trust, German Marshall Fund
Project „Enhancing Moldova’s European Integration Institutional and Human Capacities of the Political Parties”

Council of Europe
Project „Civil Society Leadership Network”

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Moldova
Research Study „The Main Themes of the Moldovan Foreign Policy: 1998 -2008”
Radio Program „Debates and Synthesis on foreign political issues”

Soros Foundation in Moldova
Project „Transferring the European Integration Experience from New EU’s Member Countries”

Moldo-Lithuanian Fopundation, „European Integration Study Center”

Center for East European Studies, (Riga, Latvia)
Research Program „Russia and its Neighbors – 2009”

International Center for Democratic Transition, (Budapesta, Hungary)
Project “Transferring the Experiences of Visegrad Cooperation”

Office of the EU’s Special Representative in Moldova

Organization for Security Cooperation in Europa

University of Shizuoka , Japan

News Analysis Agency “IMEDIA”

Radio Channel “Vocea Basarabiei”