Eastern Partnership vs. Coronavirus: test for democracy


Analytica: Eastern Partnership vs. Coronavirus: test for democracy

Moldova: elections in the times of pandemic

After declaring “red code” coronavirus alert special measures and restrictions were introduced, and the State of Emergency was declared to prevent the pandemic from spreading. However, despite significant efforts made by the authorities, control and continuous monitoring of patients, it was not possible to avoid failures and costly mistakes.
Starting March 11, restrictions related to the risk of coronavirus spreading were launched in Moldova: educational institutions, entertainment and sport facilities, shopping points except pharmacies, grocery stores and petrol stations were closed down, while mass gatherings
were forbidden. Banks and state institutions operate under a special mode. Fines are introduced for violating the quarantine regime. […]

March in review

Moldova: Point of Return or Going Round in Circles

The political situation in Moldova resembles going round in circles. Representatives of the Democratic Party returned to the new coalition government. The fight against corruption in the highest echelons of power is virtually nullified. Predicting a slowdown in economic growth in 2020, the incumbent government focused on obtaining another loan of trust from the European partners and IMF financial support.

Natalia Stercul, Foreign Policy Association of Moldova


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