Martin Sieg: EU can make a surprise to Moldova. Info-Prim Neo. 10.10.2011.


Moldova should not exclude a surprise on the part of the European Union as regards the liberalization of the visa regime because the official Brussels consider the Republic of Moldova makes quick progress in implementing the agreed plan of action, German independent expert Martin Sieg said in a meeting of the Press Club of the Foreign Policy Association.

I think it is good that the Government of Moldova set ambitious objectives. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration does a very good job when it discusses this issue with the EU, given the situation in many EU member states, including Germany, and the fact how swiftly Moldova achieved these actions,” said the German expert, quoted by Info-Prim Neo.

Martin Sieg explained that it is not only about what Moldova does. There are factors that Moldovan cannot influence. The liberalization of the visa regime is not an automated process that will happen when the plan of action is fulfilled. A political decision involving most of the EU member states will be needed at the end of this process. The technical procedures that must be respected are another factor. An assessment will be made after the plan of action is implemented. There will be produced a report and taken decisions. The next phase will be launched then, but this process takes time,” said the expert.

Martin Sieg also said that 2012 is rather ambitious as regards the liberalization of the visa regime. He stressed he considers the Government of Moldova will obtain a liberalized visa regime because it does it utmost for this to happen. But nobody can guarantee that it will happen in 2012 or 2013.