Stercul Natalia: Strategy of Relations between Neighbouring Countries: Scenario of the Republic of Moldova. BST/ GMF


Stercul Natalia Program Director, Department of Eastern Studies: Ukraine and Russia
Foreign Policy Association of the Republic of Moldova.

Relations of the Republic of Moldova with the neighbouring countries are currently characterized by positive dynamics. It sets the stage for development of common strategic thinking culture that considers European aspirations of the states. This would allow strengthening pragmatism in relations between the parties if policy approaches are sound and constructive. It is necessary to extend the use of efficient instruments for cooperation, which is becoming a trend of the new strategy of cooperation between the aforementioned countries. Nowadays, more than ever, it requires much more activity, coherence and competence of Moldovan, Ukrainian and Romanian authority structures.

It is possible not only to overcome present-day challenges, but also to make joint efforts to pursue new opportunities and chances in modern-day conditions, resting on historical, geographical and cultural connections that form a crucial basis for relations between these countries. Promptness and coherence of actions are key to achieve common priorities that are united by similar goals – democratic and sustainable development, good-neighbourly relations and improvement in the well-being of people.