Parties should not increase ratings based on popularity of Russia or EU, expert


The political power in the Republic of Moldova should develop and the political parties should improve their popular approval ratings by the own effort, not only based on the popularity of the European Union, Russia or the Eurasian Union, Natalia Stercul, programs director of the Foreign Policy Association (APE), stated in a press club meeting staged by the Association at IPN.

According to the expert, when the rating of the Moldovan government improves, this will mean that the living standards of the people are also high as the ratings are obtained by concrete actions taken. “If our authorities design and implement strategic priorities for local development, the will gain in popularity,” stated Natalia Stercul.

Asked about the possible impact of the results of the upcoming Russian presidential elections on the parliamentary elections in Moldova, the expert said the post-election impact on the Republic of Moldova will not be felt immediately, but the foreign policy pursued by Russia will be kept, including as regards the Transnistrian conflict.

According to Natalia Stercul, the interparliamentary conference held in Chisinau recently revealed the wish to create a platform for discussions between Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine so as to be able to cope with security threats. Howsoever, Moldova’s road goes towards the European Union and Russia will express its dissatisfaction with this in the future.

The press club meeting was supported financially by the Open Society Foundations.