Session II: Gender and the media at the national level, 16 August, 2018


The second session was dedicated to the understanding the correlation between media and gender concept at the national level in the Republic of Moldova. The main trainer was Petru MACOVEI, Executive Director of the Association of Independent Press, Moldova.

Petru Macovei bring to the attention of the participants the most important provisions on gender and discrimination in the national legal framework in particular: Law on advertising, the Audiovisual Code, the journalist’s code of conduct.

He encouraged the mass-media representatives to have a creative, innovative approach thru planing, perseverance and creativity in their media materials especially regarding the women and security.

The journalists where involved in a practical exercise which was focused on strengthening their knowledge through gender analysis of the media articles and see for themselves the distorted gender picture:

  • How often are women and men featured in the texts?
  • What are the roles in which men and women are mentioned? Are they different?
  • What are the most frequent representations of women?