APE Live: Dialogues on Foreign Policy, European Integration and Security #2


The second edition of “APE Live: Dialogues on Foreign Policy, European Integration and Security” , organized by the Foreign Policy Association (APE), took place on 14 April. In this issue we discussed prospects Strategic Partnership between Moldova and Romania to the European integration of Moldova, launched in Bucharest, on 27 April 2010. The special guest of this edition was Daniel Ionita, Romanian Ambassador to Moldova. The dialogue was moderated by Victor Chirila, APE Executive Director, Ludmila Nofit, APE Program Coordinator and Alexandru Damian, Researcher at the Romanian Center for European Policies (CRPE). Below you will find the main theses of her discussion with Daniel Ioniță, the Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova.


  • According to Mr. Ionita, the relations between Romania and Republic of Moldova are based on their identity Policy (culture, language, traditions), the strategic partnership from 2010 as a fundamental element of action, lots of agreements, interinstitutional projects with European funds with the participation of NGOs;
  • Bilateral relations between Republic of Moldova and Romania provides a set of fruitful opportunities. The visit of the President of Romania to Chisinau represented the reconsolidation of this relations. He was the first high-ranking European official invited to Chisinau by the President of the Republic of Moldova, Mrs. Maia Sandu;
  • Romania has been and will be a sincere friend and partner of the Republic of Moldova will and the substantial help provided by the Romanian state during the pandemic proved this;
  • Together we are in this pandemic and together we must get out of this pandemic ;
  • Romania will always keep its promises to Moldova.
  • Romania will continue to promote the Republic of Moldova on the European agenda.
  • Romania wishes prosperity to the Republic of Moldova, which can become a true European state if it commits itself to implementing their reforms;
  • Moldova is a state that faces many problems and needs to strengthen the rule of law and fight corruption;
  • Romania is also Moldova’s main economic partner. Bilateral trade relations were, of course, affected by the pandemic, but not as drastically as in the case of Romania’s relations with other states;
  • Romania will continue to offer it assistance in education;
  • Romania is a member of the OSCE and EU and supports the negotiations in the 5 + 2 format. We monitor all developments with maximum attention. Romania is the closest EU border to the Transnistrian region;
  • Romania respects citizens rights to self-identification, but considers that there is no difference between Romanian and Moldovan languages. Linguistics should be left to specialists, but not manipulated by politicians.
  • The main goal of this partnership is to help Moldova stay on the European path. Education and Science are areas in which the Republic of Moldova has greatly advanced towards integration in European area;
  • Moldova’s future is only in the EU, and Romania is determined to help Moldova take this step forward. There are a lot of joint projects that have only been possible thanks to European assistance;
  • Moldova is a young democracy and has much to strengthen. The process of Moldova’s rapprochement with the European value system is a long one;
  • The fight against corruption is a part of the judiciary reform, in which Romania also participates . A lot of institutions in the Republic of Moldova tried to copy the Romanian institutions. But do not try to blame Romania for the “success” of these actions, because everything depends, first of all, on the Moldovan authorities ;
  • The fight against corruption is also a long one and involves a lot of issues. Fight against corruption and the fight for democracy must be supported is permanent.
  • It is complicated to fight with the weapons of truth against the propaganda machine. GDP per capita in Moldova was better than in Romania in Soviet times and now it’s the other way around. This nostalgia is often manipulated. Romania will combat this by carrying out various practical projects ;
  • “Primitive Moldavanism.” First of all, very few people saw the content of the show. It was a joke. Secondly, I was referring to Moldovanism supported by people only from an ideological point of view. Another example is people who consider that the ethnogenesis of Moldovans is different from that of Romanians ;
  • About creating a possible “Presidential Council Romania – Moldova” Daniel Ionita: Everything can help strengthen the partnership is useful, but should benefit and existing initiatives;
  • About a possible update of the parameters of the strategic partnership by signing a possible “Strategic Partnership Treaty” as discussed 11 years ago:
    Daniel Ioniță: In diplomacy “never say never “. Every idea can be realized at some point, but at the same time we need to think about what we have at the negotiating table. It means finalizing the existing agreements for the continuation of the collaboration between Moldova and Romania;
  • This year marks 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova (Romania being the first country to recognize the independence of the Republic of Moldova). This anniversary offers a good opportunity to organize several joint events .