Newsletter, March 2023


1. Oazu Nantoi, PAS MP: The ‘5+2’ pentalateral format of the Transnistrian settlement is outdated, during its existence we only saw unilateral concessions of the right bank
2. Editorial by Lina Grau, journalist: The generation of missed opportunities or the one that will bring the Republic of Moldova to the EU?
3. Cristina Ciubotaru, anti-corruption expert: The pre-vetting selected candidates strongly suspected of political connections, which generates a lack of trust
4. Expert Opinion, Natalia Stercul, APE Executive Director: The ‘5+2’ format: unjustified expectations of the Transnistrian settlement
5. PISA Security & Defence Digest: Security priorities of the Moldovan Government and developments of the security environment (short-term forecasts)

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