Project: “Enhancing the role of local authorities, regional civil society and mass-media in implementing the Law on Ensuring Equality”: National Endowment for Democracy.


The project was implemented with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy. The main project’s objectives was to provide local authorities and regional mass-media with the impartial and correct information about the purpose, opportunities and protection mechanisms offered by the Law on Ensuring Equality. Raise the awareness of the local authorities and journalists about their role in preventing and combating all forms of discrimination, increase local authorities understanding on the need to change their behavior and work practices in accordance with the anti-discrimination requirements set by the Law and Ensuring Equality. Develop anti-discrimination capacities of the local authorities and the local mass-media. Help the authorities and regional to get accustomed with the anti-discrimination experience of other EU countries that have tackled the similar challenges.

The project included the following main activities:

  • 20 one day anti- discrimination trainings for local authorities and journalists in 20 regional center (cities) of Moldova;
  • Anti-discrimination articles in local media;
  • One day training for journalist at the Antidiscrimination Council, Chisinau;
  • Seven TV duplex online programs, thematically discussion about the main problem in society on discrimination issues;

The present project enhanced the capacity of APE in terms of public awareness rising by the means of local media production. With the partnership of “Canal regional” TV duplex online programmes were designed and broadcasted throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova reaching ordinary people and discussing their need giving them a possibility of interaction.