Newsletter, March 2021



  1. Stela Jantuan, political analyst: “The solution is very simple, and this is triggering early parlamentary elections”
  2. Cornel Ciurea, political analyst, University professor: “I think that no political force in the current conditions can afford to raise the tensions even higher”
  3. Nicolae Osmochescu, university professor and former judge at the Constitutional Court: “If Igor Grosu is not voted, the Parliament could be dissolved, and after 90 days early parliamentary elections could be organized”
  4. Editorial by Madalin Necsutu, Balkan Insight correspondent and G4Media to Chisinau: “Republic of Moldova, gripped by the pandemic and early elections”
  5. Expert Opinion. Ion Tăbârță: “After more that 25 years of constitutional development, the Moldovan political system has reached an institutional deadlock”Newsletter_3_EN