The authorities should identify the weak points in the management of the crisis of Ukrainian refugees. This assessment should help to better realize the situation and to develop efficient strategies for assisting the refugees to integrate faster. In this regard, a detailed analysis of the actions taken the past year by the state institutions is needed. Such recommendations were formulated by experts of the Foreign Policy Association (APE) and other representatives of civil society.

In a press club meeting hosted by IPN, APE executive director Natalia Stercul said that Russia stated its cruel war against Ukraine exactly one year ago. The tragic consequences are felt primarily in the neighboring state. Other states were also affected tangentially. These imposed sanctions against Russia, provided financial support, etc. The Republic of Moldova welcomed a large number of Ukrainian refugees who fled from the war. The APE launched a project aimed at engaging civil society in the countering of new hybrid threats in response to the influx of refugees. This involves nongovernmental organizations, representatives of the media, refugees, etc.  

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