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Corneliu Ciurea: The Neutrality of the Republic of Moldova in the Light of Ukraine’s Security Policy. APE/NED. 30.03.2015

EU and Council of Europe to Boost Cooperation in Eastern Partnership Region. Visa- Free Europe, 29.12.2014. 29.12.2014
The Council of Europe and the European Commission have signed a new cooperation agreement to promote human rights, democracy and the rule of law in six Eastern European countries.
European Commission's support to the Republic of Moldova. EU MONITOR, 15.05.2014. 12.11.2014
European Commission's support to the Republic of Moldova The European Commission has met today the government of the Republic of Moldova, led by Prime Minister Leancă. The meeting took stock of the latest developments in the Republic of Moldova, addressed both sides’ preparations to ensure that the future EU-Moldova Association Agreement delivers growth and stability up to its full potential, and reviewed the state of play with key reforms in Moldova’s justice sector, business environment and energy relations.
Application open, Tbilisi Transformational Leadership Forum!!! 06.03.2014
To be Launched in the first week of June 2014, the Tbilisi Transformational Leadership Forum (TTLF) is a 5-day lecture series that is hosted By the Georgian Institute of Strategic Studies (GISS) in Tbilisi, Georgia and is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.
Statement of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum on Russian military intervention in Ukraine. 04.03.3014. 05.03.2014 // 256.333Kb
Statement of the Foreign Policy Association (APE) on condemning the Russian Federation Military aggression in Ukraine 04.03.2014
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EU - Transnistrian Dialogues

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Corneliu Ciurea: The Neutrality of the Republic of Moldova in the Light of Ukraine’s Security Policy. APE/NED. 30.03.2015 // 293.369Kb
Unlike Republic of Moldova, Ukraine never anchored the principle of neutrality in its Constitution, although it announced this intention in the 1990 Declaration of Independence. Ukraine’s experience in terms of neutrality is only limited to the period of 2010-2014, when Kiev passed a law regarding Ukraine’s non-adherence to military blocs – so called non-bloc status. After repealing of this law, Ukraine comes back to the idea of adherence to NATO, even though there is hardly any possibility for this idea to become reality in the near future, due to the war in the region. Observing Kiev’s fluctuations between a country
Moldova’s Vote to Embrace Europe Puts the EU in the Hot Seat. By Victor Chirila, Open Society Foundation, 12 December 2014. 16.12.2014
On November 30, Moldova held a crucial parliamentary election, the results of which will determine the country’s future for years to come. Major political parties advocated not merely different policies, but diametrically opposite geopolitical options: an association agreement with the European Union or membership in the Russia-led Customs Union.
Alexandru Cocirta: Recommendations to Reform the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Moldova in 2014. APE. February 2014. 27.02.2014 // 86.07Kb
Despite the stated interest to undertake a multidimensional reform of the Prosecutor's Office, few of the defined priority activities were carried out, while the initiated ones are at an early stage. Both the foreign monitoring and the domestic observers found deficiencies in respect of the promotion of initiatives aimed at reforming the Prosecutor's Office. Thus, the reform of the Prosecutor's Office has at present arrears as regards most of the chapters. However, certain actions, related to the overall reform effort, were implemented during the reporting period.
Lina Grau: APE Recommendations for Combating Discrimination in 2014. APE. February 2014. 27.02.2014 // 73.055Kb
Victor Chirila: APE Recommendations for Moldova’s Reintegration Policy. APE. February 2014. 27.02.2014 // 89.828Kb
Victor Munteanu: Recommendations for the MAI Reform in 2014 APE. February 2014. 27.02.2014 // 105.471Kb
Victoria Bucataru: the European Agenda of the Republic of Moldova: life after Vilnius. Issue 4, 2013 22.01.2014
Victor Chirila: May 9 2013 – The Success Story accompanied on its last journey. 14.05.2013. 14.05.2013
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Opinions & Comments

Some ministers of Leanca Government should be kept, opinions. Info Prim Neo.05.12.2014. 05.12.2014
Some of the ministers who worked efficiently in the Leanca Government should be offered a post in the future Cabinet too so as to be able to continue the initiated reforms. Such opinions were presented in the program “Moldova live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1, IPN reports.
Chisinau does not expect negative reactions from EU member states over visas.The minister Natalia 20.11.2013
Chisinau does not expect negative reactions from any of the EU member states as regards the proposal to abolish the visa regime for Moldovans, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affair and European Integration Natalia Gherman said in an interview for Radio Free Europe, IPN reports.
AS A MINIMUM, EU WANTS STABILITY FROM MOLDOVA –Igor Botan. 19.11.2013 19.11.2013
At the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius [November 28-29], the European Commission will propose to cancel visa regime for Moldova citizens traveling to Europe, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso stated at a news conference in Brussels on Friday.
Reformation process in Moldova can be faster than now, European official. Info-Prim Neo. 04.02.2013. 06.02.2013
Signing of two bilateral agreements will bring Moldova closer to EU, Schuebel. Info-Prim Neo. 04.02.2013. 06.02.2013
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Interview with Mr. Ion Sturza, ex Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova: „It is not Putin who is powerful, it is the global leaders who are weak “. 23.03.2014 23.03.2014 // 92.702Kb
Mr. Sturza (53 years old) has started his political carrier in 1999 and became well-known for his nine-month running of the government. Although he withdrew from the political scene, many conationals would be in favor of his presidency in the county across the Prut River (Republic of Moldova – note of translator). As a business man his name surfaced in 2007. Mr. Sturza intermediated one of the largest M@A transactions in Romanian history, the sale of Rompetrol to KazMunaiGaz. He settled in Bucharest and is currently running an Investment Fund of his own, Fribourg Capital, which has a widely
Interview with Victor Chirila: Moldova is close to becoming politically and institutionally failed state. Info-Prim Neo. 27.05.2013. 28.05.2013
The Republic of Moldova is very close to becoming a politically and institutionally failed state that will be ignored by its main foreign partners. According to Victor Chirila, executive director of the Foreign Policy Association, the only chance to avoid this collapse is to form a pro-European Government consisting of non-discredited persons and to have an appropriate reaction to the last European Parliament officials’ attempts to contribute to overcoming the political crisis in Moldova.
Interview with the President of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, to the Lithuanian website 13.07.2012
Nicolae Timofti: I mean a bridge for people, goods and ideas to cross it over. In the Republic of Moldova, we have experts and institutions which are familiar with both East and West. Hundreds of thousands of Moldovans have travelled in Western Europe during the last years and continue to travel. On the other hand, the Republic of Moldova was part of the former USSR and now it is part of CIS, thus, our fellow citizens could mediate, on the condition of launching some platforms in this sense, some projects, for example business or cultural, because they feel themselves comfortable
Exclusive: Lithuania offers Moldova EU membership perspective, Irena Degutienė, Speaker of Lithuanian Seimas. Info-Prim Neo. 09.07.2012. 09.07.2012
German Perspective on the R. Moldova’s Foreign Policy Vectors. Vocea Basarabiei. 19.11.2011 19.11.2011
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COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, Luxembourg, 25 June 2013, 11472/13, PRESSE 290
Joint Statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and Commissioner Štefan Füle on the no-confidence vote taken by the Moldovan Parliament on 5 March 2013 , EUROPEA4 U4IO4 Brussels, A 113/13 06.03.2013
"We take note of today's no-confidence vote of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the dismissal of the Moldovan Government that ensues. This vote takes place as Moldova has made substantial progress in its visa liberalisation process and the completion of ambitious negotiations on an EU-Moldova Association Agreement is within sight.
Council of the European Union, Press Release, 3222nd Council meeting Foreign Affairs, Brussels, 18 February 2013 19.02.2013 // 205.376Kb
Stefan Fule speech: EU-Moldova Forum organised by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik / Berlin, Germany. 22 October 2012. 26.10.2012
Speech by President Barroso to European Union Heads of Delegation, Annual Conference of EU Heads of Delegation, EUSR and Chargés d'Affaires /Brussels. 4 September 2012 04.09.2012
The Visa-free Europe Coalition, Warsaw, 21 June 2012 08.08.2012 // 475.986Kb
The Answer of the High Representative, Vice President of the European Commission Catherine Ashton and the Member of the European Commission, Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom 08.08.2012 // 69.146Kb
Chair's conclusions: Eastern Partnership Foreign Ministers Meeting, Brussels, 23 July 2012 24.07.2012 // 96.236Kb
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Weekly Radio Programme 01.02.2009
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APE Events

Press Release: Study visit in Estonia for civil society representatives from Chisinau and Tiraspol 02.07.2013
On June 25-29, the Foreign Policy Association (APE) organized a study visit in Estonia with the support of the Republic of Moldova’s Embassy in Tallinn.

Eastern Partnership Public Administration Reform seminar: “Preconditions for effective policy coordination for European integration”, Chisinau, 12-14 June 2013. 12.06.2013 // 156Kb
7th high-level PAR seminar for Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Georgian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, and EU Member States’ diplomats and civil servants under the Panel on Public Administration Reform of the 1st Multilateral Platform of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership. Agenda attached.

Slovakia's experience in trade policy area following the integration to the EU, Judit Vankova, Trade Policy Department, Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. National Convention on the EU in Moldova. 27.03.2013 // 4186.016Kb

Round Table with Anneli Ute Gabanyi: „Presidential Prerogatives and Political Regimes in a European Perspective” 16.03.2010
At the event participated the APE staff, members of the Board, expets and journalists

The Agenda of the International Conference "Settling the Transnistrian Conflict in the Context of Moldova's Europeanisation" 23.02.2009 // 121.759Kb

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